Since starting Follow Your Passion, I've wanted to create a FREE workshop that would serve more people around the world who are stuck, tired, Unclear and needing more from life, so they can recieve the information required to easily build the lifestyle, relationships, and buisnesses they want to live their life filled with purpose. 

It's called UNstuck Yourself Day 2015, and it will bring, Heart Centred Humans, Action Takers, Freedom Seekers and People who know there must be more together on October 31st for a One Day journey through freeing themselves from the chains within. 


UNstuck Yourself Day will help you to discover the WHY from within and how you can overcome your fears and blockages so you can live your life with Freedom and Clarity. Phil the Founder of FYP recognises that people all over the world are bound by their own fears and a lack of direction in life that prevents them from unlocking their true potential. Phil is determined to make this world a better place one person at a time. UNstuck Yourself Day will give your real opportunities to create some life goals and get you feeling confident to start achieving them.

Phil has made this event available to everyone so they can start the journey of self discovery and empowerment. If your wanting to take the next step on your journey take the opportunity to secure a highly discounted bonus ticket and you can get some one on one time with Phil.  

Saturday, October 31st:

  • 9:30am-10am: Registration
  • 10am-4pm: Workshop Session


The Kirra Hill Community and Cultural Centre

1 Garrick St (corner of Garrick Street and Powell Crescent), Coolangatta 

Unstuck Yourself Day will be held at a historic school renovated and open to the public. Situated on top of the hill overlooking Beautiful Kirra Beach. 

Early Bird Wave Of Your Life and Follow Your Passion Packages will not be available this cheap again. One Time Only Special Pre Event Registration Deal. Normal Value of a 2 hour Wave of Your Life Adventure $297 + plus added Package extra. Book Today for $197. 




  • UNstuck Event
  • 2 Hour WOYL Surfing or Nature Adventure Post Event
  • Morning Tea
  • 20% off Online FYP Movement 
  • Priority Seating and Registration




  • UNstuck Event
  • 1 hour Passion Coaching  Post Event
  • Morning Tea 
  • 20% off Online FYP Movement
  • Priority Seating and Registration




  • UNstuck Event Only
  • 1 hour Passion Coaching  Post Event
  • Morning Tea
  • 10% off Online FYP Movement
  • Priority Seating and Registration


KIARNA ELLA - Liberation Coach, Intuitive Healer and Empowerment Speaker

I recently had the privilege in investing in a 4 week Surf-Coaching Adventure with Phillip Henseler of waveofyourlife. Over the 4 weeks, I learned some pretty epic lessons and Now I have reclaimed my love for the ocean and joy, I hope you choose to make a choice to do the same. www.kiarnaella.com

JEANETTE HARGREAVES - Reiki Spiritual Healer and Yoga Specialist

I find Philipp to be enthusiastic, inspiring and motivational. Philipp helps you to live the best life by following your passion, directing you to your lifes purpose. Thankyou Phil for all of your awesome advice that has kept me loving what I do. www.happychakra.com.au


Inspiration is a gift, a gift that gives you drive and focus to better yourself and your situation. Many of us become stuck and forget our passion, after my first surf with Philip from ‘Wave of your life’ I was pumped and ready to believe in my passion again.After hearing Philipps story and seeing his success I knew there was only one way to succeed. Now I’m on fire! I combine my passion for kung fu and fire to create entertaining shows all over Australia and the world. If you’re looking for inspiration or just a clearer picture on what path to follow, let Philip ask the right questions and ride your own wave to wherever you want to go. Philipp has the ability to make you believe in yourself and your passion. After surfing with Philipp I do have a greater passion for my performances and want to pursue my dreams. www.energyentertainments.com.au